We believe that daily essentials shouldn't cost the earth, and that the fashion industry in general is a real sh*t to our planet. 


 As a brand we set out to do things properly and keep it simple. We don't believe in seasons, trends or vast product lines that need clearance sales multiple times per year. 

The reason we started the brand was to redefine underwear and daily essentials, and we do this through innovations in fabric, design and customer experience. 

We acknowledge that producing garments has an environmental impact, but we want to produce items that are lasting, timeless and are worn daily.  

We believe that sustainability should not be a category in apparel, but it should be a prerequisite for all brands in the modern era. 

None of this fast fashion BS.



Our underwear is made from Tencel; the most sustainable cellulose fibre on the planet. 

The fabric is made in a closed-loop chemical process, and is completely biodegradable - with an overall negligible to zero carbon foot print, whilst using 20x less water than cotton.

Waste and water usage are two of the biggest problems facing the textile industry today, unethical practices and unsustainable materials are causing a profound amount of damage to our planet. 


We care about the packaging and unboxing experience, as it is an extension of the brand and its values. 

Our boxes are 100% recyclable, and will soon be made entirely from recycled materials.

The tags we used are made from recycled materials, and the paper tissue is soon to be as well. 

We also try and have a bit of fun with it. 

Sustainability is an aspect that we are still working to improve, across all aspects of the brand - any suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

We will get back to you within 24 hours, and if we implement something you suggest - it's a £50 voucher on us. 

All the best,

The AH. Team.